Festival Waste Reuse and Diversion

The only UK registered charity dedicated to reducing and diverting waste from festivals and events through engagement, motivation and kindness.


We have been running since 2016 and we have got pretty good at salvaging usable items and diverting usable resources through collaborative reclamation operations. However, this does not tackle the actual issue of campsite destruction, tent abandonment and the underpinning lack of care and respect that causes it. 

This is why in 2023 we are trialling a new range of engagement initiatives, behavioural change interventions and waste reduction methods. We are also conducting research to help better understand the situation we are in and make the case for easy sustainable changes.

These are available to any organiser that wants to see positive change happen at their event or festival. With priority given to independent events as we foresee 2023 being a tough year for the industry and we want to help weather the unknown by bringing down the cost of campsite clear up.

Get in touch for more info and to get it booked in.

What We Do

Integrated diversion
Working with prodcution and waste management to ensure that usable materials don’t go to the incinerator/landfill.

Attendee Engagement
Gamifying the sustainability ask with competitions, prizes and a soundsystem walkabout to create positive action.

Free Shop by FWRD
Using camping chairs, inflatable beds and other items to kick start care through comfort and kindness.

Year in breif

In 2022 we

ran 4 trials

for sustainable engagement

3 tonnes



salvages attended

Industry 1st

post-event diversion integrated with waste management . The future of event waste management.

Why Act Now

Sustainability isn’t optional now, it’s a neccessity, outdoors events will soon be subject to local and national restrictions unless visible progress is made.
Our intiatives/interventions are:

  • Free to independent festivals
  • Engaging attendees in sustainability
  • Memorable and Fun
  • Great additions to a sustainability plan
  • Behaviour change is a process, the sooner it starts the sooner the benefits can be seen