So Far…

We don’t really go in for self-promotion but we have achieved quite a lot

With help from amazing partner organisations, supporting grantmakers and cooperative festivals we have slowly shifted the perception of what is deemed ‘waste’ at UK festivals

30+ Salvages/Diversion Ops organised, fascilitated or participated in since 2015 at over 15 events.

Thousands of items diverted away from landfill/incineration equating to over 28 tonnes.

100s of volunteers recruited and trained.

At Boomtown, since 2015 we have:
*Instigated first formal salvage
*Organised/participated in every salvage since
*Consulted on how to end the dreaded bulldozer
*Run industry first sustainability engagement and reuse scheme

Our Free Shop has seen 100% of items loaned out every time.
Item return rate has climbed from 80% in 2019 to 94% in 2022

An Industry First!
First ever Diversion Operation integrated with waste management/litter contractor where all items collected were counted and weighed and the total waste invoiced as an alternative to landfill/incineration.