Sustainable Walkabout

All the energy and hype of a walkabout but with extra purpose, eco-engagement and a call to action.

Through the power of games, rewards, music, kindness and positivity we get attendees to pick up litter in festival campsites and arenas, people know what the right thing to do is, we also make it the fun thing to do.

Why a bin soundsystem?

Well, when was the last time you had a positive experience with a bin?
Aside from the fact that it sounds epic and gets people dancing, behaviour change is a slow process that benefits from as many nudges as possible. With this in mind we see a merit to creating that positive experience in the belief that the memory, however hazy it may be, leads to bins being used/respected more in the future. Even the passing comment ‘Oh mate, do you remember that bin playing absolute bangers last night’ can be the sewn seed to someone tidying up their campsite or being more receptive to doing so when asked.

Easy games with prizes

Our games are tailored to each event but the premise is always similar: ‘Get 3 cans in the target and win a prize’. The point is to tranform the ask from “Go and pick some cans up” into something more fun and with a carrot attached.


When an artist finishes playing we can swoop in and encourage folks to pick up the, now-visible mess. No shame, no blame just tunes and games.

Creates advocates

1. An attendee goes back to their friends with a prize (such as sunglasses or a hat).
2. Friends say “Where did you get that?”
3. Attendee explains the game and becomes an advocate within their peer group.


All carrot, no stick method for targeted behavioural change. Rewarding those who have kept their campsite clean and motivating those who aren’t quite there yet.


“This just kinda makes sense really doesn’t it? We should all pick up the rubbish but don’t. I don’t cos of whatever and stuff but I like bangers and wanna win a prize.”

Attendee to a volunteer.
Spoken whilst playing a game.

“I know what you’re doing, you’re just getting him to tidy up for you. (1 minute later)
Can I have a go? I can go grab some cans, I just want a bucket hat”

Friend of attendee who was playing a game.